• Admin Bellofox Sep 18, 2020

    A Guide for your Virtual Date Look

    Still trying to muddle along the 'New Normal Phase'? Well you are not alone! With this, a new custom of Virtual Dating has also taken up on people to stay connected. And if you are stumped about your outfit then read ahead to learn some tips for that ideal virtual date look. Now, if compared to actual dates, virtual ones are be a bit unbending as you can go for...


  • Admin Bellofox Sep 04, 2020

    Hair Accessories for every length

    From Pearl barrettes to top knot headbands,hair accessories in way or the other has always played a major role in elevating a look or creating a super fun look. When it comes to hair styling, it can be a bit wearing and exhausting but styling different hair accessories will always extricate you from the trouble. People have now gradually realised that every accessory hold its own significance given what the...


  • Admin Bellofox Aug 21, 2020

    Why Accessories are important?

    It takes more than just an outfit to look fashionable and define your couture. Fashion is not limited to just clothing, Accessories enhances and completes your look and are more important than you think. If you are someone who likes to experiment with looks or step out of the box or even someone who likes to keep it low-key, you should not doubt the power of accessories which will not...


  • Admin Bellofox Jul 22, 2020

    Habits for Healthy Skin

    No doubt using exclusive and reliable branded products can help you to get a glowing and desirable skin. But the fact they leave a hole in your pocket after the purchase is another pain to come over with. Here are some economical habits to work on for a healthy skin- Increase your water intake. You must have read and heard about it million times but its true no formula is...


  • Admin Bellofox Jul 14, 2020

    5 Mistakes to avoid while wearing Accessories

    It’s no news that styling accessories not only elevate your look but also complete your outfit in every manner. But a little laxity can result in a fashion Faux pas. To save you from that night mare here are some tips to mull over before stepping out. In case of accessories it is better to go for less rather than putting on stack and disclosing your collection to everyone. Over-accessorising...