5 Mistakes to avoid while wearing Accessories

It’s no news that styling accessories not only elevate your look but also complete your outfit in every manner. But a little laxity can result in a fashion Faux pas.

To save you from that night mare here are some tips to mull over before stepping out.

  1. In case of accessories it is better to go for less rather than putting on stack and disclosing your collection to everyone. Over-accessorising is a big NO. Wear only as much as required.


  1. Never wear a neckpiece with your big danglers. A huge pair of earrings is enough in itself to create a statement, wearing a neckpiece along with it will just over do your look. You might get heads turned but for wrong reasons.


  1. Accessorise as per the occasion. The common mistakes people make is wearing faulty accessories at wrong time. Contemplate before opting for an outfit and what is required with it. Wearing a silver stone studded pair of earrings with floral dress in day time is just blunder.


  1. Just like jewellery, same goes with the hair accessories putting on too many hair pins or clips won’t help you to lift up your look, it’s not a treat for eyes. Keep it minimal and as per the demand of the outfit.

     5. A right neckpiece will compliment and complete your look effortlessly. But never neglect your neckline. Always opt for necklace which suits your neckline.

Always remember accessories make everything better but a little remiss can turn the tables for you.

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