We've been window shoppers who have had too long a wish list, hoarded everything black, cleared carts on payday, and often shopped “low to high”. We've got controversial things delivered at a friend’s place, been difficult with the customer service, spent hours filling carts and watched it get all sold out. We've created a platform to do all of this and most importantly, have a tasteful curation to ogle at.

Bellofox is the trendiest outlet for a fashion freak. We love to introduce accessories which match the trend. We believe in delivering the best fashionable products to our customers. We have a wide range and variety in all the accessories like bracelets, anklets, rings and chokers etc. Whenever there is something new introduced in vogue, you can instantly search it on Bellofox.com and we will be there for you with new designs and patterns.

Let’s Start a conversation with our Team, Who would certainly help you to have a wonderful Shopping experience & carve out the best. We always appreciate to get in touch with our customers. We Love them!

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