A Guide for your Virtual Date Look

Still trying to muddle along the 'New Normal Phase'? Well you are not alone! With this, a new custom of Virtual Dating has also taken up on people to stay connected. And if you are stumped about your outfit then read ahead to learn some tips for that ideal virtual date look.

Now, if compared to actual dates, virtual ones are be a bit unbending as you can go for something easy and comfortable while selecting the outfit with some different neckline and to add that needed drama to the look ,you need accessories for sure. Here are few them to try on



First thing to look for is that faultless pair of earrings that would go with your outfit. Trying something unique or going for classics is your call but select appropriately.

Date Night


Depending upon your outfit, selecting a perfect hair accessory , whether hair pins or hairbands, it will definitely be an add on to you look by keeping your locks in place and complimenting the look at once.



A cute and delicate necklace/ choker will add the edge and spruce up your look and will help you create an impression. Go as per the neckline of your top or dress and choose accordingly. Just note that don't ad too much at one time, rather style as per the requirement of the outfit.

Date night

A virtual first impression still counts for something, and you can still charm them with the statement pieces of accessories and clothing.

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