Constant hair fall, unhealthy scalp are some of the common problems that most of the people face these days and applying multiple products can be exhausting and sometimes end up creating more trouble. Here are few tips to treat your scalp and hair for longer period of time.

  1. Go ‘NATURAL’, using nature-based products which doesn’t have chemicals like paraben or sulphate will heal your scalp and hair, and provide better quality after use. Lesser the chemicals better the hair care.


  1. Be careful with your diet. What you eat hugely affects the quality of your lifestyle. Foods rich in protein, milk-based products, dry fruits and green vegetables will help with the growth and quality of your hair in a massive way.


  1. Avoid heat as much as possible. Always wash your hair with cold/ lukewarm water and try to minimise the use of hair dryers or other heating machinery as it can affect your scalp and hair leaving it dry, itchy and damaged.



  1. One major reason of facing the issue of hair fall is stress, no product can help you until you try and cure it. Take out at least 20-30 minutes of your day and meditate to unwind the stress and absorb some positivity into your lives.

Taking multiple treatments and using all different kinds of chemically infused products helps you only for a short period of time. Following these basics steps will help your growth constantly.

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