If there’s something that can instantly upgrade your look, it has to be jewelry! And as of 2019 runway trends, they’re making waves already with the fashion world apparently seeing a frenzy to have everything “extra” this season. Since going overboard was off the trend for a while, finally the time has come to embrace the maximalist jewelry pieces that we’ve feared of. Well, this year’s blockbuster trends border on everything ‘more’ and everything ‘extra’ that’s taking the main stage. We’re seeing loud and popping colors, statement details, oversize pieces and larger-than-life fashion accessories making a comeback on the runway.

With the host of 2019 almost in-your-face jewellery trends, it’s the right time to ditch the subtlety before #FOMO starts hitting you. We’ve got you covered on all the styles that will punctuate this season’s just as bold and daring accessory trends; scroll down for the hottest trends you need to know. 

Playful Enamel – Color Me Pretty

 Glitterati Earring

Glitterati Earrings from Bellofox

The runway trends have hit the refresh button with the onset of colored enamel jewelry. This season we’ll see an uptick in loud and playful colors in our wardrobe, thanks to this ubiquitous trend to make its way back. What’s the best part? These can work with anything that’s western, ethnic or Indo-western in your wardrobe.

Bianca Earring

Eye-catchy vibrant shades have risen above this season. Oversize dangles in striking colors, dropping below the shoulders, have caught quite some attention and made their way from the runway to stores to be the go-to bling.

 Heavy Hoops

Crescent Earring

Crescent Earring

There’s no denying the fact that our traditional hoops have stood the test of time and are all-season standouts but this year the trend has just gone from delicate to bold. Bulky and oversize hoops are ready to take a notch up and be a rage this season as they have already ignited quite some conversations with their thick half-moon designs in silver and gold.

Interlock Earring for Women

Interlock Earring by Bellofox

Tweaking with hoops a little more here and there has defined the maximalist mood this season. These Interlocks are sure going to get you going this season for all your party numbers.

 Coin Hoops Earring

Dangle Drums

Coin jewelry trend in this list is no surprise to the sartorially driven people; it’s been flashing on our Instagram feeds for quite some time now. What’s so refreshing to see is how the runway trends have elevated the look of these medallions to give out the antique vibe that feels current.

Chained Matte Earring

Vintaged Rose Earring

Chain-link designs have rather been staples than just being a mere trend but now they’ve just changed places - from neckpieces to earrings. Yes, chain link earrings have picked up the steam as the It jewelry trend to follow this year and the exaggerated glam finish of the stud details on them exude the super classic vibes pretty well.

 Milk Earring

Lilies Earring

Roman Bug Earring

Little studs were never out of the question, but they have always taken a backseat. This year the upcoming trends’ iterations are all about studded flowers and pearly bees in all colour combinations. During the latest showdown of new arrivals this season, models were seen acing these whimsical floral trends that will be the sunny-day-mainstay this year.

It’s high time you say- HELLO to the steaming accessory trends of 2019 and explore our new arrivals to shape your wardrobe right on trend!

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