The holiday season is just here and there’s a certain frenzy to have everything ‘more’ in the colder months, sartorial and beyond. During this season, dressing up for holiday soirees becomes bit of a challenge because, statement earrings are everything, and it’s hard to find a pair that is perfect to match the mood of every occasion. However, with a medley of gold, silver, chrome and kaleidoscopic variety in interesting shapes and different sizes, keeping the earring game strong has never been easier. 

Seasons followseasons; we come across a host of trends that set the rhythm of fashion right, (accessories being one of the most important upgrades!) But there are a few of them that we don’t think are going anywhere anytime soon, these stunning styles are here to stay! It’s the last month of the year, and we’re counting down the trends that were a big hit and will continue to be in the coming years.


Trendy Adle Earrings

Adle Earring Jewellery

The season’s most celebrated and ubiquitous trend, statement tassels were a rage last season and we’re sure we’re going to see it in 2019 as well. Adele Tassels have always been a heart-stealer and our customers have showered their love immensely. We sure want to make it major in the next season, in new colour combinations of course!

There’s rose gold, silver, black and all pastels, which one would you choose?



Hoops Earrings

There’s no denying about the fact that hoops are the answers to life’s problems. Whether you’re struggling with major faux pas or looking too over the top, hoops arethe fool proof solution to all those problems. Hoops are the best when they’re stealing the show – by keeping the rest of your look minimal and hair in a ponytail you can let them shine. 



Gemstone Jewelry

We might be entering 2019 but nothing can beat the charm of gemstone baubles, they’re timeless and exude pretty classic vibes. They have the power to complement every outfit in your wardrobe and make you look reasonably stylish. For daytime affair, try out our Margo studs that can tone down any embellished outfit; while for an office dinner or a cocktail night, the Martinis in soft champagne hue are the best bet.

Gold is Bold

Larissa Gold Earring

Fashion Earrings for Women

Crumble Studs

Golden earrings have stood the test of time and risen above it. We don’t have any reason to not love this trend! If you’re looking to walk a fine line between elegant and sassy, these bold gold earrings will have you conquering both. The gold trend is going major, because who doesn’t love illuminating bold, structured, fancy and vintage trinkets?


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