The wedding season is here and there’s nothing more exciting than attending a sundowner wedding. Yes, we think it all started with Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, when Aditi’s brunch mehendi became a thing. Soon after that we saw an influx of brunch engagements, mehendis and now weddings, some people are real inspired by the trend and rest of them just want to get with it. Either way, the sundowner wedding events are becoming a big hit. Everyone across the nation has been obsessing over this new concept, and this is the best time for a sundowner as it is neither too chilly nor too hot - be it for a cool beach wedding or a royal lake side wedding (much like our very own DeepVeer’s)! It gives you so much more to do than just striking a pose in the most illuminated corners of the venue.

With every Indian occasion, there comes a need to shop. Once you’ve figured out the outfit, there’s this very crucial step of finalising the accessories, yes, ladies since it’s a sundowner you really need pretty adornments and chic sunglasses, without a doubt. But making sure that both the things align together isn’t that easy. Well, we’ll break it down to you with our special look book for attending a sundowner wedding that will be the only quick fix you need this season. So whether you’re the bride’s sister, best friend or just a friend, we’ve got you covered!

Here are different looks that you can create this wedding season with our Indo-chic accessories. 

  1. If you love crystals and a tinge of retro then go for our ever so elegant Martini drops, available in a variety of colours, paired with oversized Corby Sunnies for a refreshing yet subtle look.


  1. For the minimalistic charm, nothing can beat our Gemmum Studs and oh-so-bright Oldham Sunnies. With simple earrings, try out quirky sunnies to make a statement!


  1. When regal meets vintage, you earn extra points. For the all-gold look, nothing can go better than our ethereal Mariam Earrings paired with Springfield Sunnies.


  1. Simple yet elegant, if crystals aren’t your thing then go for these gold textured Crumble Studs and dark Springfield Sunnies.


  1. Our embellished Anne Statement Earrings have been winning every girl’s heart this season. These statement makers can be paired with any kind of sunglasses you wish to, from offbeat to classic. Check out the two looks created with soft pink Ontario Sunnies and Stafford Sunnies.


  1. You don’t need any other highlighter when you’re wearing the eye-catching Begum Earrings, the waterfall chains are sure to steal everyone’s attention. We paired it with the yellow Ontario Sunnies to add some light to it.


  1. Ready to experiment? We dare you. Our elegant Interlocks club perfectly with the unconventional Crescent Sunnies – Interesting, right? Try it out or make your own exclusive combination!



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