All for the Love of Sun-kissed Yellow Shades!  

Blossomed with Fresh hues of Yellow! Retro super classy yellow Shades by Bellofox are simply Super Chic & Cool, which can be clubbed with any attire to add those extra tons of Glamour to your Persona! 

Raining all her love for these Shades which she bought from Bellofox, she knows just so well how to smash her looks with these stylish shades in Yellow! Glamorous Diva who has certainly turned out to be a Fashionista just could not stop drooling her Love for her new look for this New year’s Party Season.  

A Bad-ass Girl who certainly got her styling fundamentals right, Pops up the Boho-chic style statement with Yellow Shades, she bought from us. 

Shabnam Fatima in Bellofox shades


We love you, Shabnam Fatima, for your never dying Spirit & Passion for fashion! You always lift our spirits high & inspire us to keep our stock market ready to glam up the tinsel town! 

Bedazzled with your love & inspired with your Spirit, our team at Bellofox always strive further to come up with more & more in-vogue accessories &    super classy shades which undeniably help you to rule the world & be the talk of town with looks, bedazzled with the grace of elegance.

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