We have seen a lot of 90’s trend make a come back this past year. But 2016 is all about Chokers. Be it Gigi , Kendell and Hailey from Hollywood, or Priyanka, Sonakshi and Sonam from B-town, everyone is seen holding on to the choker trend. What we love most about chokers is the versatility they offer, whether your style is classy, punk, edgy, or sophisticated, there’s so many different ways to make this accessory work with your outfit. Here are our top 5 picks from the resurging choker trend :

#1 The Lace Choker



There’s something about lace chokers that makes us feels sexy and sophisticated at the same time. The detailing on the lace chokers is delicate, polished and feminine. Try pairing the lace chokers with a high pony and a low cut top, preferably noodle strapped or a bustier. It will call extra attention to the detailing on your accessory. Shop chokers here : https://bellofox.com/product-category/necklaces/choker/

#2 The Rhinestone Wrap


One of our favourite looks for a special occasion is wearing a statement choker. One pair of this accessory will make you feel sexy and fashion forward. Pairing an embellished statement choker with elegant evening attire is ideal, but for a daytime look can be worn with a pair of distressed jeans and blouse for a more edgy look! The Rhinestone Wraps are killing it on the runway. Coming soon at bellofox.com too. Stay tuned. Shop chokers here : https://bellofox.com/product-category/necklaces/choker/

#3 The Metallica Apart from the regular velvet and lace chokers, the metal chokers are a must, must have! We love how an oversized metal choker goes with simple looks like a white T and good pair of denim. These types of pieces definitely hint 90s punk and make a bold statement with any outfit you wear. And ofcourse, what better way than pairing a metal statement with a subtle outfit.


Shop chokers here : https://bellofox.com/product-category/necklaces/choker/

#4 The Velvet Redux Amongst all, the Black Velvet Band is the most versatile. It’s soft, it’s light, and above all, this little piece cloth does wonders to your outfit. One little black band around the neck can change your look completely. And the best part, you can team it up with almost anything. The styling trick, it seems, lies in what you team your choker with.


Shop chokers here : https://bellofox.com/product-category/necklaces/choker/

#5 The Playful Wrap The best one of all has to be the Wrap Choker. They are extremely versatile and easy to style. Whether it’s a faux leather, suede or sring, it will be trending all summer long. Wrap chokers also call for double-duty- tie it into a bow or double wrap it around your neck, leaving the tassels hanging down for a more Bohème vibe. Because it is a free string, you can play with it around. Make it a bracelet, an anklet, or use it as the sassy choker itself. 


Shop chokers here : https://bellofox.com/product-category/necklaces/choker/ Don’t forget to try the styles out. Let us know on social media how you style them. Tag us on Instagram @bellofox . Cheers, until next time!

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