Jewellery is like the perfect spice- it always complements what’s already there. Keeping true to the words of DVF, every piece at Bellofox is unique and matches the modern-day lifestyles of young women. Indisputably jewellery is that one accessory every woman loves, and the new-age fashion accessories have given that pinch of oomph your wardrobe has been craving for. Statement accessories are the fashion’s flavour and we can’t keep, with every new season we try to create something as refreshing as a breath of fresh air. Every piece at Bellofox represents a modern woman’s taste and delivers to an artful inevitability. Our collection speaks of chic, contemporary and versatile- with an extensive range of accessories, you’d be drooled to pick not just one but many, rest assured you’d be spoilt for choice!

In a recent interview with the coveted TOI, Bellofox founder, Sanchita Sharma talks about how social media has been the driving force in building a brand community that resulted in abuzz with engagement on the social media and much more. Sanchita says, “We love the response of our clients every time we launch new pieces or even new categories, they’re loved and adored by everyone. We create what they love and that’s what keeps us going.”

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