Woman- One of the most wonderful & amazing creation of god, gentle, soft, humble, tender but at the same time powerful, strong. Someone rightly said when woman can give birth to a man, she can do anything.

21st century is surely a century of woman, entrepreneurship is not only the trait belonging to man, woman are doing far better than man in entrepreneurship.

Today in India there are more ventures headed by woman entrepreneurs than man. Now a days woman are doing far better than man, be it education, science, engineering, business or entrepreneurship. According to one report woman headed ventures are doing much better than man headed ventures.

Meet Sanchita Sharma a young, charming but bold Diva. She is a iconic, glamorous fashion entrepreneur working towards her venture Bellofox. Being a young creative woman she is full of new styles, ideas & creativities which can be easily seen in the products she design for woman.

She herself can be called as a fashion statement. A class, a brand & style given by her brand Bellofox to any woman in this world will make that woman stand out of crowd.

Sanchita is working with her co-founder Nishank to make every woman look more glamorous, classy & elegant with her wide range of Accessories mainly (Sunglasses, earrings, clothing line). She strongly believes that every woman has a right to look different from others.

Her products are today considered as iconic in fashion world and is desired by every woman be it corporate working professionals, housewives or even fashion icons, models & celebrities.

Lets meet Sanchita and explore her entrepreneurship journey and her obsession towards fashion. Yes especially to mention- Fashion is Attitude and Sanchita always wears it.

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